Wedding Gifts should not be burdensome

Of course, gifts are important signs of love for the people you care about, but what happens when it comes the so-called wedding season and several of your friend couples decide to formalize their vows at the altar and you simply cannot afford it to buy expensive presents to each of them.

There is a conventional wisdom stating that you should spend something near to the cost per plate that your friends are spending on you as a guest…, but sometimes you don’t have a single idea about how much it could be, and sometimes (specially when you look at the beautiful banquet hall, the glamorous decoration and the fine china and expensive appliances) you don’t want to know about it.

However, the fact that you’re short on budget shouldn’t stop you from being gracious and kind with the happy couple. If you become creative enough and you pay attention to some simple facts, you can end up with a present that will make them happy without leaving you without a single dime in your pocket.


The Wedding Gifts Rule: Thoughtful, Useful and Inexpensive

You should start taking a closer look to their Registry items. Yes, I know, there are expensive ones…, but there are also some small items with a modest, very affordable price. Pick some of them and create an original gift basket for your about-to-get-married friends.

You can frame the wedding invitation that you received and create something your friends will cherish. Or you can do the same for a photo where you are with your friends. Of course the quality of the frame counts, so try to find a good frame store, but anyway it will be cheaper than other gifts.

You can also buy some linens at big box stores, even at a discounted price, and then you can bring them to a tailor who specializes on machine embroidering services, that are not as expensive as hand embroidering.This can turn a simple gift into a special one.

A Couple session in the SPA is another appreciated, but not expensive wedding gift: you can find a nice offer between $60 and $100.


Experiences are also Nice Wedding Gifts

Experiences, Events, Memberships and similar can also be wedding gifts of great acceptance. Two tickets for the next concert of their beloved singer or group; or to the next party of their sport team…, a TV subscription for the trending show or a service like Hulu or Netflix is really appreciated, or a Gym Membership for a year…let your imagination flights.


And, you always can Join Others 

Your last resources is always to join two or three other guests that might be in the same situation. If everyone contributes, let’s say, $100 dollar, you can make a memorable gift and clean your name of future gossips (LOL…, but it also counts).

Don’t be afraid of being creative. Weddings are becoming less formal and with a more pragmatic side. Take advantage of it!


If you know about other inexpensive wedding gifts ideas, we’ll be happy to learn from you

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