This list was prepared according to more frequently Google search in every state by Estately, and we have broken the alphabetical order to make the search of your state a little bit more interesting.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this article may give you some interesting ideas:

Alaska – Flower Delivery

Washington – Bear Skin Rug

Oregon – Romance Novels, Poetry, Romance Movies

Idaho – Adam & Eve (not Biblical, but the online store)

Montana – Lobster Tails, Silver

North Dakota – Flower Bouquet, Couples Retreat

South Dakota – JC Penney Portraits Gold Jewelry, Romeo and Juliet

Wyoming – Sex Toys, Flowers, Adult Toys, Vibrator, Bra

Nebraska – Helzberg Jewelry

Minnesota – Silk Boxers, Singing Telegram

Iowa – Tandem Bicycle

Wisconsin – Teddy Bear, Fur Coat.

Illinois – Chocolate Fondue

California – Gold, Cubic Zirconia, Couples Pajamas, Heart-shaped Sunglasses

Nevada – Frederick’s of Hollywood, Boyz II Men, Adult Onesie, Sexy Costume

Utah – Conversation Hearts

Arizona – Cubic Zirconia rings, Jacquie Lawson eCards

Colorado – Platinum Rings, Fondue, Dance Lessons, Couples Yoga, Aphrodisiac Foods.

New Mexico – Hickey, Indiana Jewelry

Kansas – Helzberg Diamonds

Oklahoma – Teleflora, Marriage Counseling, Boudoir Photos

Arkansas – Romance Novels, Zales Jewelry

Michigan – Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Missouri – Hallmark Cards, Couples Resort

Texas – Edible panties, Plus-Size Lingerie, Discount Sex Toys

Louisiana – Silk Sheets

Hawaii – Flowers, Couples Massage, Platinum, Pearl Jewelry

Mississippi – Mixtape

Alabama – Lord Byron (poetry)

Georgia – Satin Pajamas, Couples Outfits

Florida – Pandora Jewelry, Barry White songs

South Carolina – Matching Outfits

Tennessee – Cheap Sex Toys

North Carolina – Sterling Silver Jewelry

Kentucky – Couples Tattoo, 50 Shades of Grey (novel & film)

Indiana – Romantic Getaway, Couple Vacations, Mood Music

Ohio – Pandora Bracelet, Romantic Getaways

Virginia – Kama Sutra, Romantic Music, Sexy Songs

West Virginia – Cheap Gifts, Handcuffs, Video Games

Maine – Lobster, Maidenform, Robert Bums (poetry)

New Hampshire – Stuffed Animal

Vermont – Chocolate, Romantic Movies

New York – Romantic Motel, Perfume, Romantic Motel, Couples Spa Package, Champagne, Silk Pajamas, Mink Coat

Pennsylvania – Edible Underwear, Hershey’s Kisses

Maryland – Proflowers, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Sade (band), Sears Portraits

Delaware – Gift Cards

New Jersey – Long Stem Roses, Box of Chocolates Romantic Movies, Wine Gift Basket

Connecticut – Charm Bracelet, Edible Arrangements

Massachusetts – Couples Cooking Class

Rhode Island – Pandora charms, Charm Bracelet, Romantic Motel

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