The Ugliest Wedding Dresses or the Rudest Video?

It is terrible when you are forced to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress; but if you are the bride and you yourself choose a questionable dress for your own big day, it’s even worst.

This video shows a list of 10 dresses that are called “the ugliest wedding dresses” in history.

Some people say that these are easily the worst wedding gowns ever made.

However, some people that do not like the video, argues that the pink dress, with the sides of the belly cut out, was for a Halloween party, not for a wedding. And other are upset because some of the pictures are of gypsy brides who purposely wear extravagant colors and designs with large crowns as part of their culture.

Anyway, you can judge for yourself and get some ideas (for better or worst) for your own wedding.




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