Thanksgiving is a big party, at least if you do it right. It is a great opportunity to catch up with loved ones and friends. So take in account these tips on how to rock your party like a pro.

Plan your Party: Thanksgiving is almost here and you need to create your guest list, then you need to figure out how to start with something fun, which dishes to make this year, and what is “new” for this year celebration. Two weeks before Thanksgiving you should stock up on all non-perishable items. Don’t forget to plan your flowers and dinner playlist too.

Reinvent your home for this holiday: creating a new environment surprises people and gets them excited. It also makes your Thanksgiving party a memorable event.

Prepare your dough ahead of time: don’t let it for the time when more urgent matters will be at hand. Make it early and put the plastic-wrapped dough discs in the freezer until you need to thaw and roll them out.

Never use linen tablecloth: you can substitute them with a textured natural tabletop -wood, marble, glass. It grants a natural ease and adds depth to the spread.

Your perfect tablescape should be full of thoughtful details: for example, a bejeweled wine stop is a near effortless way to elevate any table. Another easy to do it yourself touch is a tablescape of leaves and pumpkins.  

Give centerpieces a new home: you can get some free space at your prime dinner table by moving oversize arrangements to the buffet. Best thing is you don’t have to bother with elaborate floral or other fantasies. You always can go to your backyard (or your friends backyard if you live in a city building) for branches of holly, crap apple or bittersweet berries.

Join the fan club of Kid’s Table: set a separate table for the youngest guests and cover its surface with Kraft paper (don’t forget to set out pots of crayons for tic-tac-toe. Kids will feel that they are special guests, and cleaning will be a lot easier.

Star your own tasty tradition: turkey and mashed potatoes are classic Thanksgiving plates, but you can start something different. Don’t be shy: serve what you really love.


Saying grace before carving the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner 8d10749v

Marjory Collins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Come to appetizers for some help: if you offer snacks before dinner your guests will stay busy munching while you finish up in the kitchen.

Use a custom method of making stuffing with the packages mix: add the right touches to your favorite store-bought stuffing and your family and friends will never know the difference.

Label the dishes: among your guests could be vegetarians, picky eaters and friends or family members with allergies, so let them know the ingredients you used by labeling dishes clearly.

Offer drinks for all ages: non-alcohol drinks will make some of your guests very happy, and they are also great for children who enjoy toasting with the family.

Don’t overthink your toast: say something from your heart. You don’t need those archetypal movie toasts. Just toast to everyone being here, and happy Thanksgiving.

Teach doggie bags a new trick: buy yourself some fridge space by sending guests home with leftovers that look good enough to eat. The takeout boxes are cheap and useful (not only for Thanksgiving).


The featured image is a Food vector designed by Freepik

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