Corporate Events

The Challenge

One of the most time consuming parts of planning any event is identifying the right venue… and for sure you want your corporate venue to be unexpected and a “gotta go to” event for your team. You need a location that is central for the majority of your guests, and you want to avoid using event spaces that are too large or too  small for your group.

The Solution

Blue Banquet Hall is in the heart of Miami, conveniently located to all metropolitan areas, and its space floor gives you enough flexibility about almost any kind of decoration you’d like to use and we can make it fit to smaller or larger groups…and still one more very important thing: we can always help you plan a great event with any reasonable budget.

Complete Corporate Identity

Customization is up to you… or we’re ready to help.

Memories to Treasure

Give your guest something memorable to talk about.

We Are Your Best Ally in Organizing Your Corporate Event

Now With a New Look and Feel

New Minimalist Decoration

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and minimalist decorating is, in fact, captivating and an enviable décor feat to achieve.

Fully Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We’ve made a full gutting and renovation of the entire facility.

Best Use of the Floor Space

We  have optimized the areas through a clever design and a careful placement of all furniture

The floor structure of the venue allows you to customize it the way you like… Some prefer “traditional” decor… some like to experiment…

Original Event Decor at Blue Banquet Hall Miami
  • Organization 93.6% 93.6%
  • Decor 93.8% 93.8%
  • Atmosphere 95.4% 95.4%
  • Service 96.1% 96.1%

The Results Were Amazing

In order to improve what we do, we asked our customers what they liked about the Corporate Event service in Blue Banquet Hall and how satisfied they were with our services…

The results were really amazing… See the bars on the left.

Ready to Party at Blue Banquet Hall?

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