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The Challenge

One of the most important things of organizing a “Quinces” is the reception: the place has to be absolutely good for your theme of the party.  A Sweet 15 Party takes plenty of preparation to make it a success, and parents should start to plan early to make their daughter’s big day one to remember. And take in mind, the earlier you set the date the more possibilities you’ll have of booking the exact day you want.

The Solution

At Blue Banquet Hall Miami we realize this is the most important day of a young girl’s life (besides her wedding day). Our event coordinators are ready to guide you through all the formalities. Our goal is to make sure that you and your guest will be having the  time of your life at a Sweet 15 that looks back at the girl your daughter was, as well as introduced the young lady that she has become.



It Does Take Many Months

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To organize a Quinces party.

It does Take Only One Call


To  guarantee the total success of one of the most important celebrations in your entire life.

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You are cordially invited to our facilities. Our Event Coordinators will be pleased to discuss your Quinces. Let us take you, and your guest, to a different and rewarding celebration experience.

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