We all know that corporate events are interesting, difficult to organize and, usually funny. In fact, what is a corporate event without any fails, right? We have picked out the very best and put together a little compilation below. Please do not forget to leave a comment sharing your own experiences:

* My uncle’s friend decided the office Christmas party would be the best place to inform his boss that he was worth at least five times the salary he’d been put on and gave him a deadline until the end of the month to give him a rise. Surprise!!! Next day he was demoted.

* My newly appointed boss was standing behind the bar, drinking an empty bottle of wine. A college took a nice picture and sent it to Facebook right away.

* A friend from New York introduced his six years old daughter to his boss at the Christmas party. Graciously, she looked at her dad and asked, “So, he’s the asshole?

* Two years ago Carlos, a handsome Argentinian, came to work with us for a six months period. He used to love corporate events, but at one of these, he lectured a colleague from Marketing department about the effects of drinking whilst pregnant and scorned her for doing so. Three seconds later he was informed that the Marketing lady was not pregnant, but just “slightly” overweight.

* Last year, at my aunt’s Office they had a blind Christmas gift exchange and the only black guy in the office got “Tan in a Can”.

* Recently read a tweet about somebody’s boss who was dancing on his desk and decided to do a trust fall… no one caught him.


corporate events decorations could be very original

Corporate Event Original Decoration at the Blue Banquet Hall MIami


* New to the regional hospital, a young doctor accidentally exposed an affair withing the hospital, mistaking the two for husband and wife after having seen them kiss outside of work. If that wasn’t bad enough, partners were invited to the hospital anniversary party.

* Our friend Anthony was flirting with a woman at a party and trying to get her number. A coworker got closer to him and whispered: … “that’s the boss’s wife”…

* A Walmart assistant store manager in Atlanta claimed to have had “a few too many” and thought it was a good idea to hit on his boss’ wife, telling her that she would be better off with him than her husband. Unfortunately, his SM was close and heard everything. The rest is history…now goes to Walmart from time to time, …to buy some stuff.

* Blair Gilbert (@blairmichellep) twitted that they had a send-off party for a coworker. Boss ordered a stripper… stripper was her 4th grade math teacher… Conclusion: teaching doesn’t pay enough.

And now it’s your turn. If you remember any embarrassing moment at your corporate events, please share them with us. Thank you.

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