No, these 17 details are not the only ones that define the success of a wedding. There are more, many more … but many of them are obvious and are always in mind. Here we wanted to draw your attention to some that are essential, but almost never receive the attention they deserve. You can bet that you have not thought of at least 5 of these 17 selected, or did not think of them in the way they’re written here.

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17 Details to consider for your wedding


  1. Select your bridesmaids with extreme care.

They can make all the difference, they can either be of much help or they can hinder important progress. Some advise to make the choice between family and very close childhood friends, for your wedding photos are for life, and you would not want someone there that makes you feel bad while reminiscing.

  1. Hire a wedding coordinator.

In the beginning it will seem like a wasteful expense, but it’s actually paid mostly in the discounts you can achieve. Not to mention the many headaches it will avoid. Sometimes we make the mistake of delegating that task to a family member, but then we feel guilty for asking them to keep things the way we want, or to do what we want and that can spoil a relationship. Wedding coordinators are professionals who are dedicated to getting you the wedding you want, they are being payed and that high quality is to be expected of them, if you choose a professional, they will want to do everything right so that you and your bridesmaids recommend them to others.

  1. Eat breakfast the day of your wedding.

Usually brides are so nervous on their day, and have so much to do last minute, they overlook breakfast. This makes them feel weak all day, and when they think there’s a chance to eat something, there is always something or someone preventing it. Do not make that mistake! Have breakfast and a good breakfast at that … let other things wait.

  1. Be hydrated.

One of the missions that you must assign to one or two of your bridesmaids is to always have a bottle of water available at your disposal, and even remind you to take a sip from time to time. That will help you withstand the stress of the day, or the effects that toasts with alcohol can have on you.

  1. Have someone prepare you “bag lunches” with food from the reception.

Even if you eat breakfast you’re going to be hungry on the journey to the airport or hotel, so nothing better than having a few good sandwiches, salads and other snacks ready to delight the newlyweds … And in the end you’re paying for them so if everyone tried them, why not you two?

  1. Practice pose for pictures.

Practice is the mother of perfection, and if you want your wedding photos to come out really memorable, do not leave it to chance. That night is unique. There is no second chance. Think about what kind of pictures you want to keep, decide in advance the angles of the room that you think will serve as a perfect frame for your photos, tell your photographer in advance what you want and practice the expressions you want to do. Certainly this does not eliminate the originality that many of your photos will have with your spontaneous attitudes, but some of them must be carefully planned.

  1. Plan how you want your wedding to reflect on social networks.

Another aspect that should not be left to chance is the way your wedding will be reflected on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Share your ideas with friends and family frankly so they will know what kind of “posts” will make you and your fiance happy, and which will not. Remember that once something manifests poorly in social networks, it is difficult to pinpoint and stop, these posts can remains for life. It’s better to get your ideas about it in order previously and share with your guests.

  1. Hire a professional videographer.

Wedding videos have no middle ground: either they are extremely boring and bland to the point that people only watch them out of obligation (or don’t watch them at all), or are wonderful, entertaining, and reflect the moments that really count and serve as family memories to show children and grandchildren. Which of the two options do you prefer? Obvious question, no? Well, that all depends on the person you designate to film your wedding video.

  1. Take your party music seriously.

When people go to a wedding they talk of the dresses, who was flirting with whom, whether there was little food or a lot, and a thousand other things, but what they really remember is the atmosphere, that is, how they felt, how they had fun … music playing a key role in this… Beware of “inspired” DJ’s that can spend the night making fabulous music they love, but that your guests don’t enjoy. It’s worth doing some research with friends and family (and the friends and family of your fiance) to understand what they like … And of course, check the list of songs with your DJ.

  1. Do not waste too much time on “The Keepsakes of the Wedding”.

Sometimes we spend months discussing what to put on the tables for the guests to take, and many of them leave them right there: at the tables. It’s simply that people don’t have much room for more “boxes” and “bags” that in the end mean nothing to them. Try to be original, but think of something small, simple, that is easy to carry and is a simple way to say “Thank you”, but do not invest much time or money in the famous “souvenirs”, whose fame sometimes spurs not from its value but from its “burden”.

  1. Plan ahead your rehearsal.

Many people leave it for the night before the wedding. Fatal error and stress to spare. Think of the traffic, the time of departure from work, the time it takes for people to get there … Space out the wedding rehearsal for several days and you’ll have time for the details that count.

  1. Give importance to the “First Dance”.

It is traditional for the bride and groom to open the night with the first dance, but sometimes it is so boring or so lacking in grace, that you either give people reason to gossip or would do well to start the night unattractively. You do not have to be a professional dancer, but practice with your fiance, think of some entertaining steps, some joke, some detail that appears as if by magic … and the magic will continue throughout the night.

  1. Do not forget to have replacement earrings.

There is a tendency to use big, bold earrings during the wedding because they look great in the pictures and make you look very attractive, but after the initial photos, and especially before beginning hugs, switch to more comfortable earrings, which will not get tangled in the hair and dresses of your friends and make them have a hard time with the possible loss of one of your lobes.

  1. Much the same applies to corsets.

Yes, almost the same, only here you are the sole victim. Many think that having a second dress in the ballroom is a great idea when you can no longer “breathe” … A friend of ours spent an hour in the bathroom, half naked, waiting for someone to go and return from her home with another dress … do not let yourself go through the same scenario.

  1. Turn one of your friends into a “representative” for Google Maps.

No matter how clear directions are reflected in the invitation, or if you think your guests all have Google Maps on their phones. Inevitably several (sometimes many) will call just before they arrive (which is supposed to be when you’ll be busiest) to ask about the address. Designate a friend in advance who will take care of your phone and answer such calls and text messages … Your time is precious, take care of it!

  1. Invite the ones who really count.

Elegant and sensual romanticism will live forever, but the era of cheap romanticism tempered by social convenience has died. No need to invite all your colleagues from work just because they know you’re organizing the wedding, or those relatives who invited your grandmother to their wedding, but that you’ve never seen again … There are exceptions. And there are cases where you have to invite someone out of pure formality, reducing those to a minimum is best.

  1. And finally, do not stress about perfection. FOR IT DOES NOT EXIST.

Put your mind, effort and money on the essentials. In the environment we mentioned above, in which people have fun and good times … but as much as you may try things are not going to come out perfect. The idea of “0% error” was a fallacy in the 80’s. In real life certain details slip by us, something might not go as planned, someone did not keep their part, and some will criticize you, but no matter. It’s your wedding, it’s your party, it is the beginning of your new life. Have fun, have a good time and transmit that spirit to your guests … This is what they will remember for years. Don’t you think?

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