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We take out all the stress of planning your birthday party, or the party for your child or a person you love. Whether you are inviting a small group or want to have a big bash for as many people as you like, it will be the easiest and most stress-free party you will ever throw because we do all the work and take care of everything.


Every birthday celebration should be different and unique… You deserve that.



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Why not do something different for your birthday this year? We have some interesting ideas that may suit you…

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You Don’t Know Wedding Trends for 2017: The Top 10

If you are planning your wedding for 2017, you'd better know these trends:   Encore metallics: brides all around U.S are embracing copper, rose gold, and pewter taking into account that they are very versatile. Vintage Glamour:  like an industrial warehouse decked out...

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses or the Rudest Video? It is terrible when you are forced to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress; but if you are the bride and you yourself choose a questionable dress for your own big day, it's even worst. This video shows a list of 10 dresses...

17 Things You’d Like to Know Before Your Wedding

No, these 17 details are not the only ones that define the success of a wedding. There are more, many more ... but many of them are obvious and are always in mind. Here we wanted to draw your attention to some that are essential, but almost never receive the attention...

10 Hidden Wedding Costs to Watch Out For

Courtesy of   1. Wedding Band Equipment Why it's hidden: The cost of the wedding band includes fees for the musicians' time and the minimum amount of equipment needed. If your reception space is extra-large, additional speakers and microphones could be...

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