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It’s all about atmosphere and organization. Let us take care of the first class service you need and we’ll leave the people and the memories up to you.


We believe no two events are alike and each event should be unique… And that is why we work with you alone every single step of the planning process.


Our dedicated team with their wealth of experience will ensure that your every expectation is met and your every need accommodated.


We  offer full audio visual support to accommodate your sound/music and lighting effects needs, utilizing today’s most  advanced technology.

The Greatest Celebration for Every Occasion

Critically acclaimed since 2001 for its subtle elegance, culinary artistry and impeccable service, the Blue Banquet Hall is in the heart of Miami, conveniently located to all metropolitan areas, featuring an spacious banquet room that  easily accommodate parties of up to 300 celebrants.

As our name suggests, the Blue Banquet Hall brings you a sweet environment of style and refinement of all things: décor, cuisine and service. Yet, we also proudly boast state of the art technology to make any event spectacular and unforgettable.

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